The Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) process is currently being undertaken. This primarily comprises four key stages:

  • Pre-Appraisal
  • Part 1 Appraisal
  • Part 2 Appraisal
  • Post Appraisal

Both Pre-Appraisal and Part 1 Appraisal stages have been undertaken to date. This involved an analysis of the present and future problems along the A701 while setting out a number of objectives going forward.

The Part 1 Appraisal involved the identification of 12 route options to facilitate the A701 Relief Road and A702 Link Road. Through a process of selection and rejection via an assessment of the associated engineering and land use constraints these 12 route options have been reduced to 6 route options.  

These 6 route options are the subject of this consultation and public engagement.

Process Going Forward

The STAG process, once completed, will identify a preferred route.  That route will be the subject of a future planning application.  The planning application will be supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure that all relevant environmental impacts of the proposed road are assessed.  The planning application is likely to be lodged in 2022.  

We also intend to hold one further community consultation event prior to the finalisation and submission of that planning application.  This website will be updated with anticipated dates for the second community consultation and planning application in due course.

Comments made to this consultation are used to inform the current road selection process and are very helpful to the project team.  Please note that comments made in respect of this current consultation period, and in respect of the next consultation in advance of the planning application will not constitute formal representation to the future planning application.  To make formal representation you would need to do so once the planning application has been registered.

Land Purchase

As with any road scheme of this scale it will be necessary to acquire land and rights over land for the delivery of the scheme. Midlothian Council will be seeking to acquire these rights by agreement.  However should voluntary agreements not be achievable,  compulsory purchase powers will be progressed to acquire the land or rights over the land that is required.